Lottery statistics released on Tuesday, analyzing lucky numbers 1 Nov 2022

How are you? With the award attract the October 16 draw, there are many individuals who are satisfied and frustrated by broad lottery play, however it very well may be seen that the people who are satisfied That is much of the time satisfied each draw, consistently, for example, big names who purchase lottery tickets and won another award intriguing thing And there was no mistake by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, where did these individuals get fortunate numbers like this from? Why won each draw?

Today we will explain to you exhaustively why. Play the lottery on our site each draw and the impending time frame That is, the draw on November 1, 2022, this draw falls on Tuesday, so today we will uncover. Tuesday lottery measurements Let everybody in on that playing the lottery on Tuesday, which prize draws, which numbers are most frequently and which numbers are given consistently for everybody to be aware exhaustively. who is the lottery will unquestionably like it

Lottery measurements delivered on Tuesday, featuring for lottery fans
Who would rather not find Draw Measurements or still don’t have the foggiest idea how to wager on the lottery What is a decent number for Tuesday, November 1, 2022, which compares to Tuesday and playing and contributing is not difficult to get rewards, reasonable to make a ton of prize cash?

today we will have Lottery measurements delivered on Tuesday, including insights for the last 10 draws, come to tell exhaustively every number, each award, regardless of who can begin put everything on the line effectively without anyone else, chose to zero in on the Pretty Lotto168 web lottery site , the most recent lottery site that comprehends lottery fans. The best to play the lottery isn’t to play on our lottery site. Educating from step first to last step
Tuesday’s lottery insights

Lottery measurements delivered on Tuesday, in reverse, last 10 draws
Prize drawing results for the draw on 16 August 2022, first award, gave number 331583 The main three digits drawn 583, the last 2 digits drawn 42, the third page number 271 300, the last 3 digits 284 876
Lottery Tuesday, Walk 1, 2022. first award, gave number 061905, top three digits, 905 lower digits, 2 digits drawn 07, third page number, 236 834, last 3 digits 234 691.
Lottery measurements delivered on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. first award, gave number 032761, three digits on the gave number 761 Base 2 digits drawn 57, page 3 digits 648 471, last 3 digits 844 245
Lottery date June 1, 2021, first award, gave number 292972, three digits on the gave number 972 Base 2 digits drawn 45, page 3 digits 620 193, last 3 digits 978 723
Prize drawing results 16 Walk 2021 first award, gave number 890422, three digits on the drawn number 422 Base 2 digits drawn 19, page 3 digits 036 902, last 3 digits 396 256
February 16, 2021 first award, gave number 424603, three numbers on the drawn number 603 Lower 2 digits, 39 digits, 3 front digits 861 318, last 3 digits 057 817
Tuesday, December 1, 2020, first award, gave number 100994, three digits on the gave number 994 Base 2 digits drawn 84, front 3 digits 093 776, last 3 digits 984 834
Lottery insights delivered on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. first award, gave number 999997, three digits on the number gave 997 Base 2 digits gave 98, page 3 digits 725 636, last 3 digits 957 342
16 June 2020 first award, gave number 516967, top 3 digits, 967, base 2 digits, 64, third page number 876 882, last 3 digits 565 625
The triumphant number on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, the first award, the triumphant number is 570331. Top 3 digits gave 331, base 2 digits 23, front 3 digits 512 930, last 3 digits 966 968
Use lottery insights delivered on Tuesday. benefit
In the event that there is no definite method for wagering on the lottery, the presentation of measurements giving lottery prizes in every period to compute Or come as a method for wagering on lottery 24 , simple lottery wagering like this should be possible in each draw.

For instance, today what we bring to survey is that Tuesday’s lottery measurements actually utilize the recipe to work out the lottery from every month’s award draw. Every year, it very well may be brought to think and make playing the lottery. Yours is getting a more straightforward prize, don’t stand by, we should see. that the measurements of the Tuesday lottery for the first of November 2022 will have what numbers ought to be drawn for certain awards
Dissecting lottery measurements delivered on Tuesday

Investigating lottery measurements delivered on Tuesday number for each position
The best 3 digits, the primary digit 5 9 7 9 4 6 9 9 9 3, see the number on the first digit. There will be an award number in this digit, frequently multiple times, the main spot is number 9. I envisioned that the first Tuesday period The number 1 after the number 9 comes without a doubt from taking a gander at the lottery measurements delivered on Tuesday.
The best 3 numbers, the second digit 8 0 6 7 2 0 9 9 6 3, the last 2 numbers will have 3 digits that are frequently drawn, which are 9 6 and 0.
The main 3 numbers, the third digit 3 5 1 2 2 3 4 7 7 1, the best 3 digits, the third digit, there are 3 digits that frequently win prizes, which are 7 3 2 and 1.
Lower 2 digits, first digit 4 0 5 4 1 3 8 9 6 2 There are a considerable amount of prizes. Genuinely circulated, however surmise the number 4 ought to have the best possibility winning an award.
Lower 2 numbers, second digit 2 7 7 5 9 9 4 8 4 3 There is a wide reach too. The most probable number is the ninth, seventh and fourth digit
Insights of the lottery delivered on Tuesday, it will be delivered without a doubt.
after we Every lottery position has been isolated. We will reason that rich internet based lottery What precisely will be delivered in this draw? Allow me to let you know that this draw, the upper number in the main digit, the number 9, will come without a doubt. Concerning the subsequent digit, there are 3 potential numbers with 9 6 0, and the number on the third digit has choices at 4, 7 3 2 and 1, as indicated by the lottery insights delivered on Tuesday. That ought to be given in the draw on November 1, 2022. The main 3 numbers that are supposed to be given are 967, 907, 902, 963, 961,997, 993.

The lower 2 numbers that we sit tight for, there are numerous chances to draw prizes. The main digit will have the fourth digit that is probably going to win the award, the subsequent digit will have three digits, 9, 7 and 4, the last 2 digits beneath the draw. Tuesday, November first, the number that ought to be drawn 47,44,49, this draw is rich, attempt to play without harm
Lottery measurements delivered on Tuesday

This draw is rich, bet on the lottery. From the lottery insights delivered on Tuesday.
You see that playing the lottery isn’t troublesome in any way, simply checking out at the consequences of the award draw. Just in the past portion or would it be great to need to take a gander at the date of issue For instance, the draw on November 1, 2022, the lottery will be given on Tuesday. We went to see the lottery measurements delivered on Tuesday. To be a method for playing the lottery More straightforward to get rewards

Anybody can enter the lottery on the web. Without help from anyone else, it’s more straightforward to wager since playing our lottery You don’t must have a ton of leisure time, wagering on the lottery is simple. Wagering on the lottery through the web is the most helpful in Thailand since playing that It doesn’t take long, simple to play without anyone else






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