Lottery statistics released in November Throwback to riches 10 years ago

On Betflik11 the off chance that you say that the lottery game has been with Thai individuals for quite a while, it wouldn’t be weird since playing the lottery that has a long history Any individual who knows quite a bit about gaming Wagering isn’t very hard to play the lottery, a game that Thai individuals are notable for. Lottery games have prizes. Consistently on the first and sixteenth of each and every month, just accessible in specific months. To move the award attract to prior or move to the seventeenth day assuming that there is a significant day

Each draw will have an alternate award draw. Also, individuals who won prizes are unique. Today we will return to the extravagance of the earlier year. Meet the measurements of the lottery delivered in November. that we will fall behind the award attract the past 10 years whether there will be any numbers that are fascinating, frequently drawn Numbers worth producing prizes How about we tell exhaustively on our site. Any individual who needs to figure out how to play online lottery should see it.

See lottery measurements delivered in November at Pretty Lotto168.
Where might I at any point see lottery measurements? that you will play the lottery however don’t have a clue about the historical backdrop of that grant Considered playing the lottery without rules, which has the valuable chance to lose more cash than winning awards Thusly, playing the lottery Each time there should be a suitable method for playing and put resources into request to get a prize.

Today we have lottery measurements delivered in November for the people who don’t have the foggiest idea what prizes were drawn a long time back. as a rule, pretty much for that player Simpler to get compensated However broad sites may not be accessible, can come to peruse at Pretty Lotto168 site, online lottery site 24 current lottery site who comprehends the players the most notwithstanding the lottery measurements delivered for the period of November, you can likewise see the consequences of different draws. effectively And getting prizes also is simpler.
Lottery insights for the long stretch of November

Take a gander at the lottery insights delivered on November 1, 10 years.
November lottery insights, November 1, 2012, first award 524694, 3 upper digits 694, 2 lower digits 63, last 3 digits 217, 188, 285, 338
Draw date 1 November 2013 first award 739804, 3 upper digits 804, 2 lower digits 47, last 3 digits 502, 020, 256, 173
Prize draw numbers on 1 November 2014 first award 206608, 3 upper digits 608, 2 lower digits 44, last 3 digits 607, 203, 855, 979
Number gave on 1 November 2015 first award 361211, the main 3 digits are 211, the last 2 digits are 45, the 3 page numbers are 106, 757, this is the primary draw that the award for the 3 page numbers is additionally drawn, the last 3 digits: 166, 473
Draw date 1 November 2016 first award 785438, 3 upper digits 438, 2 lower digits 86, 3 front digits 976, 824, last 3 digits 752, 038
Prize draw number: 1 November 2017 Award: 533726, 3 top digits 726, 2 base digits 85, 3 front digits 165, 425, last 3 digits 485, 036
1 November 2018, the number gave is first award 149840, 3 upper digits 840, 2 lower digits 58, 3 page numbers 384, 576, last 3 digits 509, 046.
1 November 2019, first award 967375, 3 upper digits 375, 2 lower digits 79, 3 page numbers 323, 806, last 3 digits 206, 021
Lottery measurements delivered on November 1, 2020, first award 506404, 3 upper digits 404, last 2 digits 40, 3 page numbers 598, 154, last 3 digits 245, 062
November 1, 2021 Measurements first award 045037, 3 upper numbers 037, 2 lower numbers 95, 3 page numbers 458, 247, last 3 digits 755, 331
Measurements of the lottery delivered in November, when is it delivered?
For the measurements of the draw date of the Web-based lottery wagering of the Pretty Lotto168 site will be accessible from Monday, Tuesday – Sunday. Every year, the date of giving the honor won’t be equivalent to That is the award number. Each draw will have an award drawn. unique and same date and other lottery games a similar There are remarkable awards that can without much of a stretch success prizes. All grants that have proactively been given Regardless not out, can decide to bring in cash effectively And each kind of lottery is played. Different as per the principles of each sort of lottery Makes playing the lottery more fascinating than playing the lottery as a general rule, obviously.
Lottery measurements delivered for the period of November

benefits of review Lottery measurements delivered in November
Look at the issuance of prizes in every period with the ongoing draw. To see lottery insights It has many advantages that you don’t have any idea. We can analyze the draw. in the beyond 10 years to wager on the lottery in the ongoing time frame It will make it simpler to anticipate the aftereffects of the award draw.
Know the draws of the past awards that you read Lottery measurements delivered in November That permits you to play the lottery. has a method for playing more Since I know the honor in the beyond 10 years Effectively make rewards
Remember the day you won an award On the off chance that you have won prizes in the first draw November You will think back about yesterday. that won the award attract Makes you need to wager more lottery than previously. Anybody who has won prizes on day 1 You can return and think back on our site.
November lottery measurements and different lotteries
Notwithstanding the Thai government lottery game , there are additionally other lottery games. that can glance back at measurements, giving intriguing awards, and have wagering designs that isn’t unique In the event that you can play Thai lottery, you will wager on different sorts of lottery too. Since the lottery game Utilize the essentials of playing that are comparative and not unique. which on the off chance that you can wager on the lottery, you can without much of a stretch bet on a wide range of lottery

Also, on our Pretty Lotto168 site, there are lottery games that are intriguing, not losing Thai lottery games. The two Laos lottery games and Hanoi lottery games that are not difficult to wager and get genuine awards. with more payouts and play that isn’t different Paying awards up to 800-950 baht in one spot, remember to jump in and let loose with the lottery game that gives out a ton of prizes like this. Return and take a gander at the lottery measurements delivered in November prior to playing, in addition to there are insights for different months too.
Lottery measurements for the period of November

Follow the lottery measurements delivered in November.
How could it be, 10 years, 10 fortunate numbers that we have said, ensuring that anybody who can play should be rich without a doubt Lottery measurements delivered in November with a novel plan Any individual who has won prizes for the beyond 10 years is ensured to like it. Since it’s simpler to wager on the lottery, view at the measurements as a method for wagering on the lottery. get more rewards

Prepared to see the measurements of prize attracts different months, in different periods consistently, at whatever point you need. Since abundance never hangs tight for anybody. Should be accessible 24 hours every day. If you have any desire to play the lottery, you should go to Pretty Lotto168, a decent help lottery site that can be played 24 hours per day.






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